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5 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is how you appear to the world. Once people know who you are and begin 
to identify you with a specific area of understanding or expertise, you'll be well on your way to 
becoming the go-to person in your niche or industry. Here are five ways to build your personal 

1. Be authentic.
Your  brand  should  be  a  reflection  of  who  you  are.  Building  a  personal  brand  is  first  and 
foremost developing  an understanding  of your true self,  and  then sharing  that  with the world. 
Take your masks off and don't be afraid of being vulnerable.

2. Speaking engagements.
If  you're  looking  to  build  your  brand,  then  you  should  be  speaking  on  a  regular  basis  and 
developing your communication skills. Speak from a place of knowledge and power. Show that 
you know what you're talking about, and answer questions in a way that serves your audience. 
Some may criticize or disagree with you, but remain open to feedback. Thank others for sharing 
their views, and if the points they raised were legitimate, determine how you can improve and 
do better next time.

3. Write thought leadership articles.
Thought  leadership  articles  and  interviews  establish  your  credibility.  As  with  speaking 
engagements,  landing  the  best  opportunities  takes  time  and  effort.  Getting  an  "in"  with  the 
media,  online  publishers  and  publications  can  prove  challenging.  However,  every  outlet  you 
build a connection with increases your brand authority.

4. Build your online presence.
Do you have social media profiles? If so, are they fully fleshed out with all of your information? 
Do they present you in the best light possible, and make you look professional? Are you using 
high-quality  professional  photography?  Are  you  interacting  with  others  and  sharing  their 

Don't forget to Google yourself regularly to see how you're coming across, how others might be 
perceiving  you,  and  what  they're  saying  about  you.  You'll  have  a  tough  time  building  a great personal brand without making a real effort to monitor and tweak it.

5. Remain a student of your industry.
No matter how well you know your industry or area of expertise, things are changing at a faster 
rate  than  ever  before,  and  you  have  to  stay  up-to-date  with  the  latest  changes  and  trends.  It  takes  time  to  build  your  personal  brand.  If  you  fail  to  stay  relevant,  all  of  your  effort  will  be  wasted. It also pays to learn new things, develop new skills, and to expand your knowledge. 


As  you  begin  to  sharpen  your  personal  brand,  the  right  opportunities  will  start  coming  your  way. People will begin to see that you're know what you're taking about, and they'll invite you  to be a part of their stories or news pieces. However, don't forget how important it is for  you to  have  accomplished  something  yourself.  You  can't  talk  about  what  you  haven't  done,  because  that  will  take  away  from  your  personal  brand.  Be  open  about  your  shortcomings  and  weaknesses. This will make you all the more human and relatable.






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