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Personal Image Vs. Personal Brand: Which one is more important?​

As an Image Consultant, I have always been asked, what is the difference between personal image and personal brand? They are absolutely two different things.

An image is what people see of you visually. The way you talk, dress walk and eat; those sorts of things. Your personal image affects your success in every aspect of life – your life on the job, your social life, even your "personal" relationships with others. Your personal image has a number of elements. The way you dress, the colours you choose, the way you talk and the way you relate to others are some of the more important ones in determining your success in your career and in life.

On the other hand, personal branding is the depiction of your strengths, passion, values and most definitely skills. Your personal brand comes to life in how you consistently behave, promote yourself and present yourself to others. When you show up in person, others judge you by your non-verbal attributes, and the way you communicate creates an impression of who you are and what you value. It may not feel fair, to be judged based on how you look, but it is real to others. In short, personal branding is the whole representation of yourself, the image included. Projecting the right quality will help you stand out from your competitors and peers.

Personal branding is about developing a particular persona that has been created around your name. This persona can then be used to relay what you communicate, your personality, values and skills. To have a successful personal brand, you need to identify the quality that is authentically you. Have a clear understanding of your goals, your vision, your passion, values and purpose. From time to time, stop and ask yourself if your behaviour is indeed consistent with your values.

Here are 3 tips to build your personal brand:

▪ Identify the personality traits that make you, uniquely you.

▪ Be yourself; set your own style. Do not attempt to be anyone else; authenticity will shine through while the opposite will make you untrustworthy and fake.

▪ Work on yourself; read and be as knowledgeable as possible in that particular area of your uniqueness; then, impart the knowledge.

Building a personal brand takes time.

Your persona will not be carved in few short days; rather, it will take lots of efforts but it will be well worth it. Being unique stands you out and draw people to you; being a brand is a possibility for everyone; it should represent who you are and what you have to offer.

After all, developing your own personal brand should be a necessity to everyone; not only for business people or entrepreneurs. If you do not build your own personal brand, others will size you up and do it for you. With a good personal brand, you will find it way easier to find jobs of your dreams, get that promotion and even find a life-partner or make lifelong friends.




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